Annual Sponsorship Drive

Updated Tuesday March 22, 2016 by Richard Downey.



Dear Fellow Community Member:

Each year East Fishkill Babe Ruth League looks to the business community to provide sponsorship for the league teams to offset the costs of such things as field upgrades, equipment and insurance fees. On behalf of all of the children who have participated in past East Fishkill Baseball programs, we would like to thank those of you who participated in previous Sponsorship Drives for your continued support, and ask for that again. For those of you in the business community who have not participated in the past or are returning this year, we would like to welcome you, and thank you for your support.

This year EFBA has joined the Babe Ruth league as a charter member.  It affords our children better opportunities playing in more tournaments, exposure to clinics and for you, being able to reach a larger portion of not only our community but also others i.e. Kent, Carmel and others.  Being in the Babe Ruth league allows EFBA to expand its recruiting. 

In addition we have a new website EFBA.NET. The Website is contemporary and has a format for you to gain even greater exposure for your business.  The websites volume has increased, all players and their families must enroll in the website creating more traffic. The players, coaches and volunteers must also use the website to record the scoring, standings, scheduling and any other pertinent information (rain outs, umpiring scheduling, etc.). Please visit on the new Website, we are updating the features daily but we are sure that you will see the quality and opportunity.

Due to our new affiliation with Babe Ruth baseball and the improvements to the website we created a tiered sponsorship. Tier 1 will have advisements, your business name on the jersey’s. It will also include your logo on the team page.  Each team will have their own team wall.  Tier 2 includes the items in Tier 1 but also includes banners that scroll through the front page of the website. Your banner can include your business phone number, address and special offers or benefits that will attract more customers to your business.  The banner also has the ability to allow visitors to access your home website by simply clicking the banner.  We will also allow each business to make two changes per season.  If you wish to advertise a special “ two for one” or and “event” at your business that additional information will scroll across the front page for all visitors to see.

Our goal, as always, is to afford our children the opportunity to play, develop skills both athletic and social and enjoy the wonderful sport of baseball.  It is through your participation that we can afford our children and our community the pleasure of being part of the best organization possible.  Please review the new-tiered sponsorship information and complete the enrollment form attached.

Our sincerest thanks;

Robert Joseph

President, East Fishkill Babe Ruth League